Courage  Bracelet
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Courage Bracelet

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This Courage Bracelet is a great way to encourage friends going through a difficult time. The card reads: I share this bracelet with you as a blessing of courage. I wear the second bracelet in honor of your journey. 

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Nepal Knotcrat Centre

Nepal Knotcraft Center trains, employs and empowers socially and economically underprivileged women in Nepal, giving them opportunities to earn an income and support their schooling. The organization started by training women in macramé knotcraft. Over the years, their product line evolved to include Dhaka weave textiles, cornhusk dolls, bamboo baskets and other natural fiber products, many drawing on local designs and traditions. With a product line made from mostly recycled and indigenous materials, Nepal Knotcraft Center's products occupy a unique niche in the marketplace. The center runs a savings program for employees, and artisans receive bonuses when orders are sufficient. Literacy classes are offered to help empower the women.

Shyam Badam Shrestha started Nepal Knotcraft Center in her home in 1984, producing macramé products with two young women she had trained. With India’s trade embargo of Nepal in 1988, Nepal Knotcraft turned to indigenous Nepali raw materials. Nepal Knotcraft began exporting products in 1989. In 1997 the company started making recycled wood products. Shrestha started the Nepal Resource Development Center in 2003, to study natural resources, develop technology to turn waste materials into products, train rural women and find new markets.