Sharing Candle Holder
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Sharing Candle Holder

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Give this Sharing Candle Holder to a friend to share the light and warmth of affection with them.The classic hand gestures are of the Eastern culture and dance called "mudra".

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Corr - The Jute Works

CORR stands for Christian Organization for Relief and Rehabilitation. Corr-The Jute Works is a women’s nonprofit handicraft marketing trust and exporter of quality handicrafts. Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, The Jute Works represents more than 4,000 rural women artisans in 154 workshops. The Jute Works strives to empower rural women through handicraft production, animal husbandry and small job creation projects. The group works with women regardless of caste, creed, and race. It provides job training, develops leadership skills and generates awareness of the women’s plight. It promotes thrift, self-help and democratic practice among the women’s handicraft groups. Maximum benefit to producers is its aim; members share ownership, participate in decision-making and receive the benefits of surplus production. The Jute Works is one of Bangladesh’s largest exporter of handicrafts.

The Jute Works was created by CARITAS-Bangladesh in 1973 to market handmade items made by the thousands of Bangladeshi women left destitute after the struggle for independence from Pakistan.