Shea Butter Cream
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Shea Butter Cream

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This Shea Butter Cream is sourced locally by Artisans in Accra, Ghana. Ghanaians use Shea Butter Cream for anything from moisturizing to anti-inflammatory. The Shea Butter Cream comes in a ceramic jar and is Tea Tree and Lemon scented. 

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Ele Agbe Company Limited

 Ele Agbe is a Ghanian phrase meaning “God is alive." Founded in Ghana in 1996, Ele Agbe Company has made its name in ornamental beads, original jewelry designs, and handmade home decor. In 1999, Ele Agbe added handcrafted shea butter cosmetics to its product line and began exporting worldwide.

Ele Agbe employs some 50 artisans, all young adults and most of them women. The organization also offers training programs for under-educated youth. Ele Agbe’s artisans use traditional Ghanaian tools and methods, and the highest quality materials available, including one-of-a-kind beads and unique scents. At Ele Agbe, artisans pass on their skills to younger generations, conducting workshops for school groups and accepting apprentices from throughout Ghana. Shea products are traditionally used in Ghana for a wide variety of purposes, including for moisturizing, cooking and as an anti-inflammatory. Ele Agbe provides work for shea producers in two rural areas who provide raw material for the shea cream.